Specialists in precision mechanical milling

3 and 5 axis CNC mechanical milling

Thanks to the acquired expertise, innovative machinery, precision and quality in processing, CDB carries out milling operations on mechanical components of different sizes. For mechanical milling operations we use the following machines:

  • N ° 1 Mazak VTC800 30SR 5 axis machining centre, X axis = 3000 mm – Y axis = 800mm – Z axis = 720 mm – Rotary table Ø500mm
  • N ° 1 Vertical machining centre. Palletizing Sigma Mission 2P, Axis X = 700 mm – Y axis = 400 mm – Z axis = 400 mm.
  • N ° 1 Vertical machining centre. Sigma Zenit 3, X Axis = 1.000 mm – Y axis = 550 mm – Z axis = 685 mm.
  • N ° 1 Nomo universal milling machine

Mechanical milling is a process that involves the removal of chips for which it is possible, by means of a rotary motion, to obtain different types of surfaces. Mechanical milling can be divided into two sub-phases: roughing and finishing.

In the first process, roughing, a large amount of material is removed quickly and economically. In the second phase, the finishing, a smaller volume of material is removed to refine the product and make it conform to the mechanical project.

With mechanical milling, extremely precise tolerances, shapes and finishes can be obtained

Different types of cutters are used for milling operations:

  • Helical cutters
  • Cutters with offset teeth
  • Double angle cutters
  • Flat cutters
  • End mills
  • Chamfer cutters
  • Face cutters

The cutters vary depending on the product to be made.

We work for various sectors, from industrial to automotive. Thanks to our highly specialized staff we can create products for every need. We also have an internal design department which makes us the right partner to follow the customer in every phase of the realization from the design to the final product.

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