State-of-the-art equipment and qualified personnel

2, 3 and 4 axis CNC lathe machining

We perform mechanical lathe machining on materials such as steel and non-ferrous alloys. For the production of turned mechanical parts we use innovative machinery and technologies as well as advanced professional machines to carry out precision mechanical lathed parts.

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, the lathing operations are performed by qualified and experienced personnel following the customer’s requests and needs. We have gained considerable expertise in mechanical lathe processing and this ranks us on the market as a precision company, fast in carrying out precision mechanical machining.

Our precision lathe machining department is equipped as follows:

  • N ° 1 CNC lathe CMZ TD Z800 Max Diam = 300 mm. With Y axis, 4 axis, Max Length = 800 mm.
  • N ° 2 Graziano MT400 CNC lathe Max. Diam. = 250 mm. With three axis driven tools, Max Length = 500 mm.
  • N ° 1 CNC lathe Mori Seiki NL2500Y Max. Diam. = 300 mm. With Y axis, 4 axis, Max Length = 700mm.
  • N ° 2 CMT 250display parallel lathe. Diam. = 300 mm. Length Max. = 1500mm.
  • N ° 1 Graziano GR400 two axis CNC lathe Max. Diam. = 300 mm. Length Max. = 500 mm.

Mechanical lathe machining is a mechanical processing of a metal, steel or aluminium and involves the removal of the chip. The piece is fixed to a spindle and placed in rotation while the cutting tool moves along the piece giving it the desired shape.

Metal lathe machining can be structured in two steps: roughing where the most part of the extra material is removed using resistant and strong tools. A second phase, the finishing, where the metal piece is processed to obtain a surface that conforms to the project. To carry out turning operations a lathe is used which can be of different types.

When performing a mechanical lathing process, it is necessary to evaluate and set the turning parameters to achieve the desired product. The lathing parameters vary according to the material to be processed and the size of the piece and the tool used. The main parameters to be calculated are: cutting speed (given by the speed of the workpiece spindle and tool feed), axial cutting depth, radial cutting depth.

There are different types of lathe processing: CNC, single or multi-spindle lathing and manual.

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