State-of-the-art machinery, qualified personnel for grinding operations

Mechanical precision grinding

We perform precision mechanical grinding, we have machines to carry out different types of grinding: round grinding with centreless and flat grinding. Thanks to the highly qualified personnel, the precision mechanical grinding department produces components in line with the project and in compliance to the customer’s needs.

The machines used for grinding are:

  • N ° 1 External / internal Ribon grinding with Marposs measure Max. Diam. = 250 mm. Length Max. = 1.000 mm.
  • N ° 3 Rossi 400 centreless grinding
  • N ° 1 Rossi 500 centreless grinding
  • N ° 1 Morara automatic internal grinding machine Diam. Max. = 250 mm. Length Max. = 300 mm
  • N ° 1 Delta Tangential Grinding Table 400 x 700 mm.

Precision grinding is a procedure performed with a machine called a grinding machine, consisting of a fine-grained and extremely hard grinding wheel. It is used to bring any component into the state of

optimal shape or surface of the project. It is a process that is carried out when the mechanical machining requires higher finishing degrees than those obtainable with milling or turning. The grinding ensures that all residues or excess material are eliminated, guaranteeing a high degree of finishing to the machined surface.

There are various types of grinding machines to perform different types of grinding:

Cylindrical grinding machines
Centreless grinders
Surface grinders

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