Precision mechanical processing

CDB specializes in mechanical machining for third parties.

Initially our mechanical workings concerned the production of spare parts in the motorcycle sector; we deal in the subcontracting market, but over the years we have also consolidated our presence in other different realities, such as automotive, textile, food, plant components and machine tools. Over the years we have led our mechanical processing activity to offer customers a complete

production service, with mechanical processing to satisfy every need.

Having a very diversified customer range to whom we offer finished mechanical products, we also rely on external suppliers of absolute reliability for toothing and / or heat treatments starting from simple galvanizing, hard chromium plating, from mobilden coatings to nitriding and / or vacuum heat treatments.

We have excellent working experience on all alloyed steels by cementation and tempering as well as for stainless steels up to duplex. We carry out processing on non-ferrous metals and light alloys.

Design studio to follow the customer at every stage of processing

We take care of the mechanical design

Thanks to the use of the latest generation of modern 3D CAD software, we are able to carry out mechanical projects. This allows us to follow the customer at every stage of processing from initial design through to the final product.

For customers who choose us as a partner for precision machining not only do we offer a mechanical design service but also a mechanical consultancy service: after a meeting with the customer, our designers create the customized mechanical project.

Moreover, our design department produces all the necessary papers for the construction of the mechanical component to be made, construction drawings and all necessary technical documentation.

Mechanical Assembly

We are able to look after the entire production cycle, taking care of the assembly of the groups and subgroups of the parts that are commissioned to us.

The assembly and the mounting can be total or partial of individual machine groups. We take care of the entire production cycle of the product, starting from the drawings, the procurement of materials, construction up to assembly and final testing.

The experience accrued in the knowledge of mechanical design allows us to be able to offer our customers a “turnkey” service.

We are specialized in precision mechanical machining for third parties. Quality, rapidity and competitive prices are our strengths.

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