Specialized personnel and reliable partners to meet all customer needs

We are a mechanical workshop specializing in third parties CNC machining.

Our mechanical workshop deals with the supply of finished mechanical products offering a complete service: 3 or 5 axis milling, 2 – 3 or 4 axis turning as well as round grinding with and without centres.

Excellent experience on all alloy steels by cementation and tempering as well as for stainless steels up to duplex and simpler non-ferrous metals.

Quality and processing speed are our strengths thanks to a project department, implementation and optimization of production cycles.

We are specialized in precision mechanical machining for third parties. Quality, rapidity and competitive prices are our strengths.

Research and development for an always innovative product

Mechanical design and technology

The need to create reliable products has led us to search for the best components combined with new technologies in design and construction. Each item is presented after severe laboratory tests and road tests to ensure durability and consistency of performance even after long periods of use.

We do not fear comparisons, we are sure to offer you what you have not found so far, the best in quality / price ratio. Shock absorbers for enthusiasts, for those who expect to have the best.

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